Elsey Station at Mataranka

My Story – visit to Elsey Station

I am writing a story about my life and travels, and I tell the story about Jeannie Gunn. She was the wife of Aeneas Gunn, who, in 1902 went to live in the far north of the Northern Territory, to Mataranka and area near the cattle station Elsey Station.  She wrote two books about life there – one was We of the Never Never. The other The Little Black Princes. In 2013 I visited Matanka and went to the cemetery at Elsey Station.

The Book

I read the book several times, because I had my own copy, and I can recall the last time I saw the book, the pages were falling out.  It was worn out!  I now have a copy of both books from the Library, so I have a couple of weeks to read them both.


Mataranka is just over 100 kms south of Katherine, on the Stuart Highway, so if you are travelling in that part of the Northern Territory, you can’t miss it.  There are numerous reminders there of the story of Jeannie Gunn, around the town and out further towards the old station.  It is now a National Park.

I recall being quite emotional when I was there.  (Something that happens to me when I am face to face with history either in Australia or overseas).

Near the homestead, created for the film.



The memorial for Jeannie Gunn. She was buried in Melbourne.

At the Cemetery


Photo taken by me

Tropical Forest at Mataranka

I would like to go back – but not sure I will be able to.  It does require one to drive and it is long distance from where I am in Brisbane.  It’s a trip of just over 3000 kms.  I could do it, but not sure that I will – as I need more funds to enable me to do it comfortably.  I can dream of doing it!

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