Really the only flowers I have had on display in my home since I moved here in June 2013 have been orchids – mostly from my own “garden” in my fernhouse.  I look at the flowers at the supermarket but as I want to buy them as I exit the store, I usually forget. I was looking at some iris recently, but forgot to go back and get them. Darn.


However last week I put the bunch in the trolley as I entered the store, and was pleased with myself as I put them in a large glass vase and placed them on a bookshelf with some dried grass which looks good too.

When I put them in the vase, only one of the flowers had opened, but now there are four huge flowers, and the house has a wonderful fragrance floating around.  It is so beautiful.

I have since explored growing them – apparently they do well in pots!  Yay!  So maybe next summer I will have my house filled with fragrant lilium flowers.  I must buy some bulbs – apparently it is THE time to plant them.

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