Gender Discrimination – Names

What’s your title?

There are just so many ways women are discriminated against.  I’m going to sit down one day and write a list.  This topic will be included.  First of all, a question?   Does anyone refer to women by their “title” – when was the last time you heard someone called Mrs….., Miss……….., or Ms………….?  For some reason, those titles have gone out of fashion.  I don’t recall the last time someone wanted to use one of these to me. (Note: I’ve heard that few people ever use Ms because they don’t know how to say it or use it.)

Today, when getting a quote for insurance, I had a choice of these three titles, and a few others, Brother, Sister, Doctor and Mr.  Maybe one or two more.  I tried to copy and paste but the site wouldn’t let me do that.  What irritates me is that women have to indicate their marital status.  Miss, Mrs or Ms.  Blokes, unless they have some formal title (e.g. Dr, Professor, etc) just put Mr.  Why does this still continue when the titles are seldom, if ever, used?

Gender discrimination

One title for men, and three for women, giving their marital status. What the……..?

Memories, Sister.

I was a nurse once upon a time, quite a few years ago.  We ALWAYS addressed each other by our titles.  Nurse, Sister, Doctor.  Even if you were working on the same ward as your very best friend, if you were caught using her first name (there were no guys when I trained s I can use “her”), you’d be admonished.   Now in hospitals, it tends to be first names used all the time.

How are Letters Addressed?

Australia Post does not deliver as many letters to the household letterbox these days, as most communication is now done by email. I’ve just checked the mail of the lady who lives here (and I am house sitting for) and though there is only a small collection of mail, guess how it is addressed?  Most with no title, and also two different titles – one with Miss and the other with Ms.

So what is the point?  Why can we have a universal title like men do?  Or why don’t we drop them altogether, except where Sir, Lady, Dr, Professor etc is appropriate?  Why is our marital status of importance?

What do you think?




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