Goal Setting – where will I be in 5 years?

Goal setting  is a hard one for me – actually, I am quite enthusiastic about goal setting, but as the years go by I tend not to use timelines so much.  As a senior, we often laugh with other seniors that waking up and getting up is a great goal to achieve!!

My Goals

  1. I’d like to be happy and healthy still in 5 years time!  (How’s that for a start?)
  2. I’d like to be nearly at the end of study for a PhD!
  3. I’d like to have at least 3 books published!
  4. My Writing Career will have been successful.
  5. I will be living in a comfortable affordable working home unit
  6. I will have learned how to FOCUS!

The Sheep are Watching

The issue of being able to Focus is something I will have to deal with.  I help too many people/organisations.  I do too many things.  I do so much that I seldom  have time to relax/read etc.  As much as I try I get bogged down doing things, because I can.  I have been a keen goal setter for most of my life.  I also refer to some of my goals as “bucket list” items.

It is my plan to reduce my community service commitments by the end of the year.  Eeek. That is going to be hard to do, as I like the socialising that goes with doing such work.  It is how I make friends.  It is how I get out of my home office and see another world.  It does mean though, that it impinges too much on my writing time.

As a writer, I should read more and I don’t do that.  I borrowed two books from the library some time ago – and they were due back tomorrow.  One I have finished, but the other is “a work in progress”.  It’s a great book and I carry it with me, but progress is slow.  I have two hours on a train tomorrow, so will endeavour to get a few more pages read.

(The sheep photo above was taken in Tasmania a few weeks ago – they were not really watching me, but a farmer who was moving a few sheep on the other side of the road!)

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