Great Holiday Reading Time

Planning Great Holiday Reading Time

It is a great time to catch up or do some reading for many, and I am ready and collecting books to read, and already reading at least one. I am a lover of “real books” – those paper ones that once upon a time, was all we could get.

I am also a fan of ebooks and have a well-used Kindle, which I have just charged up, ready for the holiday season. However, mostly I will read “real” books. Over the past few days, I have bought one book and collected several from the local library.

For me, this time of the year is a great time to do some reading. There are few meetings and other activities, giving me the free time to spend with books. So what have I got to read these holidays?

Australian Nurses

While at the local shopping centre, I found a book about Australian Nurses. As I was a registered nurse though much of my working life, I was attracted to “Great Australian Outback Nurses Stories”. This book was written by Bill “Swampy” Marsh, a very productive writer. I had not heard of this writer, but at the bookstall, there were many of his books. And as I have researched I have learned that he is a copious and highly respected writer, songwriter, performer and more. I found the following video on You Tube.

Great Holiday Reading Time 1


Reading on the Train

It is a while (because of Covid19), that I have caught a train to the city. I did yesterday, in part to go to the city library and borrow a book that was not available at my local library. It was a strange feeling for there were some changes – even at the station where the new “ticket machine” was much easier to use.

I took my book “Great Australian Outback Nurses Stories” and managed to progress through some of the stories, while occasionally looking at the changing scenery as the train passed.

I was on my way to get a book by Australian author, Veronica Lampkin, “Madame Weigel’s Patterns 1878 – 1950″, a pioneering businesswoman in Australia. She started a dress pattern business in 1878, in Melbourne, Victoria, and “helped millions of Australasian women to sew for themselves and their families.”

Great Holiday Reading Time 2


Why did I want the book about Madame Weigel’s patterns? A group of ladies (including me) is looking at creating some period costumes to wear at Australia Day celebrations on January 26th, down at the beachfront. We are hoping to get some donations from local politicians to make the costumes, (perhaps with a little inspiration from Madame Weigel) and wear them on the day. A work in progress.

At the Library

I needed help from the librarian to find the book I was after, and while looking around the books I found another that interested me.  It was a book by Clare Wright, called “Beyond the Ladies Lounge”. This book received much acclaim when it was published in 2003, is about Australian Female publicans.

When I went to check out the books, the machine said my library card was not working, so I had to get more help. As I walked back to the train station, I was aware of the heavy load I was carrying. Not only did I have the books, but I had my camera too.


My camera had a few minor issues, and as I had bought my camera from TEDS in the city, I figured I could get them to check it for me. A bloke with a great sense of humour assisted me, and after about 20 minutes and nearly $40 I left, hoping to have all the issues resolved.

So, I have plenty to read during the holiday season. And if I manage to read all those, I still have more on my Kindle, and Audible.

So, dear reader, are you planning to read over the holiday period?




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