Great Tools for Solo Women

Great Tools

As a senior solo woman, with some arthritis in my fingers, I often have trouble opening bottles, jars and similar items.  A friendly man living close by would be a help, but I have found some tools that have made a dramatic difference.

I am a great fan of Howards Storage World and recently I found a Jarkey Jar Opener.  This cute tool is easy to use, and with little pressure lifts the lid removing the “bubble” making it easier to just turn the lid – either with a tool or by hand.


The other day I went to Howards to buy something for a Christmas gift, but they’d sold out of the product I was after, but I found another tool which I have already found useful.

Bottle Opener

As it turned out, I had a small bottle of bubbly, which has been sitting in the kitchen for several weeks, because I could not remove the lid.   When I saw this tool in Howards I bought it and within seconds of arriving home, I opened the bottle.  Easy!

Both products are less than ten dollars and would make a lovely gift for someone who has challenges with jars and lids.

These tools could make great gifts for people who have challenges opening jars or bottles.

Tools from Howards

The Blue Jar Opener (top) and the Bottle opener below.

Great Tools from Howards

Beverage Opener – Bottle Opener.








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