Visit to Hampton Court Palace

King Henry and Hampton Court Palace.

One day, yes, one of the cold “beast from the east” cold days, my cousin and I went to visit Hampton Court Palace.  It was a short train ride from Surbiton and another short walk.  I’d not been IN a palace before and had not had time to research it.  I do know it was the palace of King Henry VIII.  You can read more about it here.

I was somewhat overwhelmed by the size of the castle.  I knew it would be big but it was super big and so much history to explore.

Visit to Hampton Court Palace 1

Approaching the palace


There was plenty of information about each room – and one was free to walk around (after we had bought our tickets!)

King Henry was obsessed by tapestry and there were some 2000 huge tapestries in his collection. Many were on show.

Visit to Hampton Court Palace 2

One of the many tapestries that takes up a whole wall.

We spent several hours wandering around the castle.  There was so much to see and learn.  Every room had a wonderful display.  The huge kitchen was interesting – so much effort has been made to re-create what the place might have been like way back in the 16th Century.  Even to fresh vegetables, which apparently are grown in the gardens of the palace.

Visit to Hampton Court Palace 3

In the Butchery

Visit to Hampton Court Palace 4

Pies for Lunch?


Visit to Hampton Court Palace 5

Clothing Display

The Chapel and the Gardens

One of the places where photography was not permitted was in the Chapel – a place that apparently Queen Elizabeth visits from time to time.  I’d love to have broken the rules and taken some shots – but did the right thing.  Certainly very beautiful and delightful volunteers and staff giving some explanations.

Visit to Hampton Court Palace 6

The Courtyard





Right in the middle of the castle was a beautiful courtyard – complete with pond.  There was also a couple of shops selling wares as souvenirs – I looked but didn’t buy.  The amazing gardens outside right down to the Thames is worth a close look – but we chickened out – it was too cold.



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