Happy New Year

May 2020 be a Happy New Year

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Happy New Year 2020

Each New Year we start with new hope of a better or more successful year than the year before.  We start with great expectations, new plans, full of enthusiasm for what lies ahead.

It’s exciting.

If our previous year has had challenges, we set out to expect more positive action in the new year.  We celebrate the “new dawn”.

Plans for 2020

I  won’t detail them here.  While some folk like to publicise their “new year resolutions” I like to write mine down in as much detail as possible and I don’t share them.  I may talk up my excitement at a “new beginnings” but I refuse to give anyone the detail.  I might, in conversations, make a statement or comment about my plans, but essentially it is a confidential document.  For my eyes only. I like to note my plans – and read them.  If they don’t come off as I planned, I am the only person to know.

Day One 2020

I am set up to participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge for January.  31 Days of Blogging.  Upping my blog entries for 2020 is part of my plan.  I am ready willing and able to do this, as I am a regular blogger.  Not missing a day will be a challenge.

All being well, I will get to travel during 2020.  My plans include visiting China again.  Maybe for two weeks in May – perhaps 4 days in wonderful Shanghai, and a week in Shaoxing.  I have been asked to go to northern China, but at this stage, I am not including that in my itinerary. I’d rather stay where I know, though there are a couple of places that I have never been, but will be happy to visit.  But it is all “up in the air” at the moment.

I have done no travelling for over 2 years.  When I was elected president of the Society of Women Writers Qld, I made a commitment that I would not miss a meeting.  I fulfilled that commitment, and as I no longer have a major role in the organisation, I am free to travel.

Let’s see what 2020 brings!


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