Have Tent, Ready to Travel

Well, it is on Lay-by – along with an inflatable bed, and a pump!!  I have joked about the tent – choosing one described as a “4 man tent” – so assuming one spot is for me, I can fit 3 men in the tent too.  Naughty!!

The reality is that it would be a very tight squeeze and it is NOT my plan to share my tent with anybody!  However, it is a possibility that I will have to stay overnight in it from time to time.

The bed is one that can open out to be a double bed, but with two layers of inflatable bed, I won’t have to get down low to get onto it.  Sounds good to me.

I can inflate it from the car – so I won’t have to huff and puff and blow it  up with my own breath!!

I went over to Camping Down Under at Capalaba – where I have been visiting recently to check out the products.  I’ve put the items on Lay-by as I don’t need them yet anyway,   I’ll need to collect them a week or so before I go so that I can get the grandchildren to show me how to set up the tent, but I am assured it is easy to do.  I was familiar with pitching tents way back in my Girl Guide days, but I am assured that they are easier and better now.

I do have a couple of things still to get, but these items are the most costly.

It is hard to believe that it is only two months

away before I head off.  Exciting and a little scarey.

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