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During the Christmas – New Year holiday period, I enjoy having no meetings to attend, and lots more free time. I am a cricket fan, and often have the cricket on television almost all day, and during this Covid-19 time, and on some occasions, I watch the tennis.  However, I have really enjoyed the reading time, which I can do while the cricket is on in the background.

What have I been reading?

Great Australian Outback Nurses Stories

Just before Christmas, there was a pop-up book store in a local shopping plaza and I bought a few things there. I bought something for myself. As a former nurse (though I didn’t work in the outback) I enjoy reading the stories, especially of those wonderful people who worked in the most extraordinary places in Australia’s outback, with limited resources and amazing events that they had to deal with.

I must say when I watch television programs about people in hospitals, in modern hospitals, I often count the nurses, doctors and other health care workers who are assisting the care of a patient. I can remember dealing with accident victims, or patients with dire health problems with just one doctor and maybe, if we were lucky, two nurses.  How times have changed!

Holiday Reading 1

Nurses with Veils

I am so impressed with the wonderful men and women whose stories were recorded for this book, though I was a little disappointed about the editing of the book. I couldn’t put it down though. Great book.

Listening to Audible

I am a fan of writer Lisa See, a great American writer.  I have read several of her books, historical fiction, and I enjoy listening to this one. It is called The Island of Sea Women and tells the tale of women who are the breadwinners for their families fishing off the island of Jeju.

Holiday Reading 2

I spent several months living and working in South Korea, and I am interested in Korean stories and history. I lived in the city of Jeonju, which is directly south of Seoul,  The island of Jeju is further south again, off the south coast of South Korea.

I have read several of Lisa See’s books. The story is very interesting, though I am often challenged with audiobooks. I have been known to fall asleep during the story, and have to start all over again.

Female Publicans in Victoria

Australian writer and historian, Clare Wright, has written an interesting book on the many women who ran hotels in Victoria in the mid to late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Fascinating stories. Great stories. The book is called “Beyond the Ladies Lounge”

There was a program on the ABC about this story – you can read a little here, and download the audio of it.

My Own Writing

As well, I have been busy writing myself. I am working on a project which I hope I can publish on Kindle before the end of January. I have also retrieved a couple of manuscripts of work I have done over the years and not published, but hope to have them ready for publishing by then.

So much for holiday time. I have been busy. My Kindle is quite old now, but looks in perfect condition, though the elastic cord that keeps it closed has lost some of its elasticity. Still, it works well for me, so I am hoping that one day soon, I will be able to read one of my own publications on the amazing Kindle.

I love using my Kindle when I am travelling – especially overseas, as it doesn’t weigh much, and I generally load it with a few books to keep me busy on a train, bus or plane. Great reading, but I confess I do like the feel of a ‘real book’.

Well, I’m reading and writing and enjoying the “holiday period” and more free time to work on my projects.  Roll on 2022.

What are you doing?






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