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Home Grown 1UBC – Day 28

Home Grown is Best!

Home grown fruit and vegetables are best! Many folk do not, or have not, enjoyed the fruits of their own labour.  Especially now with many people living in apartments, there is little opportunity to grow their own vegetables or fruits.

I can remember post-war (World War II) there was a terrible shortage of food.  It was a time when there were not yet supermarkets, though folk sold eggs, fruit and vegetables from their own plots or gardens.  There was rationing.  Many items were rationed including butter, eggs and milk as well as clothing.  Those folk who grew their own, were fortunate.

My parents worked hard in their garden with a wide range of fruit trees and vegetables.  Our neighbours had chickens – which were kept for their eggs.  Eating chicken was rare – and it was expensive.  A treat for Christmas usually!

Home Grown 2

And in the future?

What is something happens in the future?  Would people be able to grow their own foods?  If a catastrophe happened, would anyone have the seeds to start again?  (I know that there is a place near the north pole where seeds of thousands of plants are kept, just in case something happens.)

How long would it take to distribute the seeds to all who had the ability and resources to grow things?

Community gardens are familiar in some areas, and on some apartment blocks, there are garden plots on roofs or other areas of the surrounding land.

In less populated areas there are communes of people growing fruit and vegetables, or learning to, mostly though at this point for safety.  Their foods are not contaminated by toxic pesticides or similar.  Healthy and fresh they are.

These communes also set themselves well away from our cities – thus avoiding the pollution of traffic, noise and chemicals.

Let’s Learn to Grow our own.

I have no doubt that I could grow fruits and vegetables successfully.  I have done so.  It was my parents and my experience in my early days that taught me.

We are lucky in Australia as we can grow most fruit and vegetables here.

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