House Sitting Ends – A New Home

Solo Decision Making

One of the challenges of living alone, means that you don’t have that partner to discuss various issues.  You have to make most decisions solo.  Now, I know I have been known to say that I don’t miss the arguments, or confusion as one finds it difficult to both agree, but it is good to have a second opinion most of the time. “Two heads are better than one”.

I’m just “over” house sitting.  Packing up and moving every few weeks, getting to know a house and become familiar with everything.  Even sorting out keys can irritate me!!  Anyway, I decided to give up house sitting.  I am getting too old for it, too!  Not communicating/knowing neighbours etc.

I did try and involve my family in some of the decision making – and I went to see some of the places they “found for me”.   In the end, I made the decision solo.  All by myself.  It is a move closer to them, but still some distance away.  The closer to both of my offspring, the higher the rent.  Too much.

The Lease is Signed

I hope I have done all the necessary research, for yesterday I signed the lease.  It’s for 12 months.  The unit is on the fourth floor, but has a lift so I won’t have to manage stairs.  It’s a brand new unit so everything is clean and unused.  It is a small space but with two bedrooms and two bedrooms, a small balcony and a reasonable size kitchen, dining, lounge area.

The property is very close to the beachfront, though it is not a swimming, playing time seashore.  Luckily there is a swimming pool on the property.  It’s handy for a lovely walk or bike ride, and the major shops are not far away.

No, I don’t have any photos yet.  That will have to wait.  It was pouring with rain when I went yesterday.  Maybe next week.

As I am house sitting here until the end of December, I have arranged for the lease to start on December 21st, so I am likely to move in around December 27th/28th.

I will be going to the Christmas Party in a couple of days time, so shall see if I can take a few pics then.  Oddly enough it is not far away from where I live now – as the crow flies.  If there was a boat across the river it would be quick, but one has to go the long way around. (If you see the words Deception Bay around the middle of the map and immediately north, with a blue dot and a yellow one – that is Beachmere.  I’m moving to DBay!)

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