Overcoming Loneliness

Overcoming Loneliness for Women

I added the last two words to make this topic for women – as I think I have more clues for overcoming loneliness for women, because I am one.  I would say that many women see finding a partner – usually a man, though it is not unusual for senior women to bond and have a relationship with a woman.

Either way, it is whatever suits you.  Personally, I am not interested in another “relationship” with anyone.  I do enjoy some aspects of my lone existence.  I have considered the responsibilities and time sharing one would have with a “partner” and do not want to follow that path.

Causes of Loneliness

Many women find themselves “single” in their latter years – there are some who have never married, but most have been “left behind” – either their spouse has died, or moved on to another relationship.  I know of one lady whose husband is ill in a nursing home and has been for years.  He doesn’t even recognise her now and despite caring for him in many ways, has had to make a new life for herself.

Sometimes the issue is that the partner is still around but is so involved in a life of his own, leaving you to lead your life mostly alone.

I have told my story in this post – but I also wonder if the fact that I am tall has had an influence.  I recall some years ago with a fellow tall lady, recounting our experiences, as it is sometimes difficult for both women if one is very short and the other tall.  We had both felt this was so.

Once upon a time, there were bigger families, and in small populations, it was easy to maintain a friendship with a relative or school friend.  People tended to live in villages – now with large populations in cities and suburbs. It is not so easy to maintain strong friendships.

Loneliness exits when you have friends

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Make Some Changes to Overcome Loneliness

Don’t allow yourself to become miserable.  Take some steps to make change in your life.  You are going to have to test and measure.  Experiment.  See what works for you.  Don’t be shy.

  • Volunteer or join an organisation, particularly one that has social events.
  • There are many groups worth investigating including sports, writing, book clubs, community service, travel, and so on.  Go to your local community centre – you are bound to find flyers and information about local groups.
  • Arrange to meet someone for coffee or lunch. (If affordability is an issue for you, work out how you can do it within your budget.)
  • Check out Meetups.  (www.meetups.com)
  • Observe – you may find there is someone on her own living near you, who would love to meet and chat with someone.
  • If your situation is really upsetting you, speak with your doctor or someone like Lifeline. (In Australia it is www.Lifeline.org.au – Phone 13 11 14)

You can Google the topic e.g. How to Overcome Loneliness and you might find some good ideas in articles like this one.

The reality is that if you feel lonely – YOU need to make some changes in your life.  What can you do?  Sitting home alone, eating alone and not communicating with others is not good for your health.

Make a list of things you like to do, and see how/when and who you can do these things with.  And it is ok to go out on your own sometimes.

As someone who loves photography, much more than most of my friends, I find I like to travel or go on short walks just to collect images.  Just for me. Although I do put my photos on cards and give them away too.

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Organisations I belong to include

Bayside Women in Business

Older Women’s Network Qld

Society of Women Writers Qld

HOW – Housing for Older Women

Have you any ideas for the readers?


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