Planning – where am I heading?

Where to?

My Planning. Here it is, nearly the end of January 2021, and I am not as organised as I planned to be.  There are several factors that have intervened.  Some health issues and some tests to complete by early NEXT month – I can’t make the plans I wanted until I resolve the health issues.


That is a big one for me. Housing is so complicated. I moved into this unit just on 10 months ago, and while there are positives and negatives about the place, the continual (until very recently) continued abuse of me by one of the tenants has made me want to move.  And I really don’t fit physically into this unit – it is too small for me in many ways.

In the next week or two I will have a look at some other properties.  I am feeling a little more inclined than previously to consider one where meals are provided.  At a cost of course.  But I realise that lately I have been lazy in the food department. I am not eating as well as I should be.  Anywhere I move to, will mean a big change for me.  Again.

More Meetings?

I have been offered positions on several organisations recently and rejected most.  I am too busy,   I don’t want any more work to do – so I have made a decision to back off, say “no” more, and prepare to really reduce my workload towards the end of 2021.  It’s funny, though in a way, as because I live alone in a complex that has no “community”, I find the interaction with other smart women to be helpful.  Without these meetings I could be lonely – and I am not one to go to morning tea events to socialise all the time.  I don’t mind the occasional one, but I often find these social activities rather boring.  I’m told I’m too “academic”.  Really? I am not sure.

Writing and Reading.

I had planned to do more work on a couple of works that are hidden in my computer.  And I have – but not as much as I had planned to do when I documented my plans for 2021. I have to plan more writing and reading time.  Not easy when I am so busy.


My GAB course is about to be publicised and I do have people interested in proceeding with the course.  I have updated most of my course material, and ready to rock and roll.  The ever changing rules for Covid-19 make it a little hard to have confidence in the future plans, but I’m ready to proceed and cope with any changes that will be necessary.

GAB? Guided Autobiography.  Created by Dr James Birren in the US back in the 1970’s. Everyone has a story to tell – and I want to help people tell their own story – either just for their family or those with an interesting tale there might be an opportunity to talk with folk about creating another great Aussie movie.


I am going to continue with my photography – having recently received some “awards” – from an online photo website that I have submitted a few photos.

There are some interesting photos on a tablet that I have had for many years – am downloading them to a hard drive and will go through and delete the “unwanted” ones and perhaps submit some to one site I support.

Planning - where am I heading? 1

Manly Harbour, Queensland



Art Class.

My granddaughters gave me a voucher for an art class – I hoped that they could attend with me but finding a time for three of us to be available at the same time.  I will decide about that in the next week or so.  I’d love to do the day’s event, but don’t want to get hooked on doing art.  Not enough time and I don’t think I am good enough to make a late-career of it.

How is your planning for 2021 going?


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