I am a Winner

I am a Winner!

As I am heading to South Australia, I have been exploring several websites seeking further information, and a few days ago, I came across a site offering Vouchers (via a lucky draw) for a Voucher, through the South Australian Tourism, which was to be drawn before March 10th. Why not? So I put in my entry, and today I received an email.


You’ve won a $100 Great State Experience Voucher.

Whoo Hoo. I celebrated.  I have been busy checking out the options on their website and have a few in mind. It was exciting.

Visitor Information Centres

I am a regular visitor at Visitor Information Centres on my travels, and I shall be visiting one locally over the next few weeks, to collect some magazines about the places I will be going. I am going west first and my first overnight stop will be at St George, on the Ballonne River. Sadly, I won’t have a great deal of time to do the tourist thing around St George, but I may get to the Winery!

Nibbles While Driving

I have purchased items to eat while driving. I will have quite a few items of fresh fruit, which of course I will buy closer to the start of the trip, or from one of the fruit shops along the way. But I have already stocked up on some items. Little packs of sultanas were on special today, so I bought some.  I have some fruit and nut bars, and some seaweed (Yes I eat seaweed!)

I will buy a dozen small bottles of water, and that will be enough for me I think, but of course, I can restock in Adelaide or along the way. I will also have some meal shakes – I tend to stop at a roadside rest area for lunch and have my shake, rather than waste time waiting for food to be served along the way. The evening meal is when I like to eat something substantial – either at a restaurant or take away.

Ready to travel with snacks

Some of my snacks

Photography Plans

As my readers know, I love taking photos, and I do look forward to taking plenty along my journey. I will take my cameras. Yes, plural. I will of course have my Olympus OM10 with me, and my little “handbag” camera, an aging Samsung (for when I don’t have my Olympus). Of course, I do have my phone, though don’t use it as often as I should.

This time I will take (and use) my Gimbal, to take video recordings of scenery and more. I have had this item for quite a few years and used it frequently some time ago, but recently it has been neglected. Just thought I’d renew my acquaintance with it and see what I can produce.

The Gimbal

Meet my Gimbal

I also have a camera in my car that records my travels focussed on the road ahead.  One I used to store some of the interesting rides, but now it is just to give me evidence in the event of a traffic event.

Planning Continues

So, I keep on planning, and I am excited about my trip.  Now, I have to scan through the South Australian Tourism website to work out where I want to use my Winning Voucher.  It is not a lot of $$$s to win, but I am excited for I shall be able to do something that otherwise was not on my agenda.

So I have about 21 days before I depart so hoping I will be well organised. I always forget something – I wonder what that will be this time?

viewbug photo contests

What do you think I will forget to take?

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