I Have Got Worms

I Have Got Worms

Before you consider something rather sickening, let me tell you that I have got works, but that my worms are friendly. In fact, I bought them and their “home” to help consume the organic kitchen waste.

My daughter has had worm farms for some years, though hers were initially to produce worm wee, which is full of nutrients that she puts on her garden and plants, but earlier this year after I moved to Wynnum West, she bought another type.  It’s a Little Rotter.  So I bought one too.

Where are the Worms?

The Little Rotter comes with instructions, which I believe I followed correctly, and soon I started putting in the waste from my kitchen, bit by bit.  For a long time, I couldn’t see the little wrigglers, but eventually, the worms showed up.  This morning when I added some waste there were half a dozen climbing around, but when I went with my camera to get some evidence, they had disappeared.  Camera Shy?

Taken by me with my OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA.

My Little Rotter Worm Farm sits in the small garden.













The Little Rotter Worm Farm came from a business in central Queensland, called Kookaburra Worm Farms.  I only chose that company because my daughter had recommended it.  They have significant information on their website here.

Excess Rubbish

It’s only Friday, and our rubbish bins are full – and it will be 10 more days before the recycle bins are empty.  One of the other tenants put food waste into the recycle bin – but food is not recycled from those bins.  When I “suggested” he’d used the wrong bin, he said “Did anyone care?”   I told him they did.  Apart from the fact that the recycle bin was now empty, it was silly to do it.

I felt like calling him out as  “d…head” but I didn’t say it.  I really get angry about people who don’t worry about any rules.

Covid 19 and D…heads.

The pandemic, Covid-19 which has spread around the world and caused the death of so many, and continues to spread, has identified a range of people I’d like to refer to as
D…heads, for not only are they risking the lives of themselves and their loved ones, but many hundreds of people.

I shake my head at the number of people who think they know better than our health experts. Those idiots that disobey all the rules, the ones that have been trying to enter Queensland, or any other area that they are not entitled to.  Also I gasp at the idiots who are supposed to use facemasks and don’t wish to, so don’t.

I’ve seen many reports from the USA from some of their citizens who see it as a nonsense.  They are a nonsense.  One only has to look at the deaths in the USA to know that there is a real problem there.  OMG it beggars belief.  And President Trump’s behaviour is terrible too.

Worm Farms are Good for the Environment

I have watched some of the War on Waste programs on the ABC, and I was pleased to find a great article about a guy who collects the wast from schools and businesses in Canberra, and uses it to feed his worms.  A great story.  Read it here.

The series is on iView, and you can watch them here.

Everyone needs to know what we are doing to our world and be part of programs to take action.  It’s all pretty cheap and easy to follow thee rules that will make life easier for our children and grandchildren in the future.

In the short time I have left on this earth I am going to do my bit to help where I can.

What will you do?



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