My Journey – Ready, Set, Go

My Journey is due to start in three days.  Am I ready?  Almost.  I might just make my deadline.

I have booked my accommodation – first night in Boggabilla.  It is a small town that most people are not familiar with just sound of Goondiwindi, on the border of Queensland and New South Wales.  It will not be my first visit to this town.

Going back in the 1980’s I had been in Melbourne on business when there was a shut down of air services in Australia, and I, dressed in business clothes and feeling very uncomfortable, caught an old bus from Melbourne to Brisbane, as it was the only way I could get home.  We stopped at Boggabilla and watched the skies as a significant satellite flew overhead.  It was such a clear view as no street/city lights made the night sky amazing.

I do look forward to seeing the night sky next Monday!!!

In the meantime I have a “to do list” that frightens me, with three appointments today, and I pick up my Chinese guest tonight.

Di in the coat

Me in my winter coat.

People have asked me why I do not fly to Tasmania.  The best answer I can give is that it is so cold down there, that I am taking my “Chinese coat” and it is so big I would need an extra suitcase to get it there.  Everyone reminds me how cold it is there.  I am sure that, with my coat and my heated car, I will not be so disturbed by the cold.  There will be plenty of room for my coat in  the car!!!!

So, if you wish to follow me on my journey, follow me on this site, or on Facebook, and you will learn what I am doing and where I am.

Happy Travelling.


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