Life Really Has Changed.

Life Changes

Life has Changed. In just a few months, I’ve dealt with a house move, (one unit to another), the Coronavirus Pandemic, some health problems, completion of a course of study and the running of a course myself.   Full of stress at every turn, and I am only just coming out of it all.

The “lock-down” and isolation was difficult, though I confess, unlike some of my peers, I did go out to the supermarket once or twice a week, and to Bunnings as there were quite a few things I needed to make life better here.

It’s the pandemic that has changed everything though.  And probably many of these changes will last quite a few years.

Travel Plans

My travel plans for 2020 were very vague, but I wondered if I would make a “farewell” trip to China.  I had been thinking April/May, but under the current conditions, I doubt I will ever go again.  Sad, but especially as I have some health issues, and our countries are not happy with each other at the moment, it’s best I stay put.

As much to have something to look forward to, I have devised a plan to go to Adelaide – a long drive to Broken Hill and then across to Port Augusta and then up to Beltana.  I wonder if I can do it.  Apart from anything at the moment, the borders are closed.  I’d need to get into New South Wales and South Australia.  Time will tell.

Schools, Businesses and More in Trouble

The impact it has had on almost everyone is disheartening.  So many folk have lost their jobs, many businesses are no longer viable, and there is great despair in the Australian community.  When will it end?  No one knows.  Though some restrictions are being eased, it may be a few years before we see normal again.

A Tulip in the Garden

Life has Changed and People are Gardening more.

When Will Life Change Back to Normal?

For many it never will, I don’t think.  I feel sorry for the young people in their last year of school.  Their education has been severely interrupted.  Will they get into university?  They have missed their final exciting year, though some have returned to school.  Sporting events are cancelled. School Formals may note be held.  How disappointing for them.

Some Good Things 

There have been some positive changes.  Families have spent more time together at home.  The pets are happier as they have not been left alone for long periods.  People are spending time in the garden, writing, sewing, working on hobbies and playing games.  Imagination has increased.

Death and Sadness

In Australia, we have had just over 100 deaths.  The USA, UK and other countries have had far more.  The world has had too many deaths, and not only that, residents of nursing homes and aged care facilities have not been able to connect/meet with their families for several months.  Suicide has increased.  Tomorrow I am meeting with a lady whose stepson killed himself.  Alone in isolation for weeks, he couldn’t cope any more.

It is sad for so many folk.  It’s such a weird way to live.  Maybe as businesses reopen, for many life will return to normal, but for some, it will not.  Some scars will be there for life.

Fortunately, my family has continued to work.  One grandchild has had her education and plans messed up, but we are hoping she can manage it all.

All of us who lived in 2020 will remember it forever, as there has been nothing like it before.  We are hoping the Chinese Government will help with the inquiry so that we can all understand how it happened.

We hope that nothing like it ever happens again.

How has it affected you?


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