Lost and Found

Mislaid Not Lost

Where do my things go?  After hunting for days, I decide they are lost.  Perhaps they are mislaid, not lost!  If I lived in an old house, perhaps I’d suspect a ghost or similar, as the things I lose are varied.  I know how to find them eventually, but it is costly.

The Lost is Found

It has happened to me before.  I had bought a new nightie, an expensive $10 item from KMart. I wore it twice and then it went AWOL.  If I can’t find something and after weeks of hunting in every nook and cranny, I often decide to buy another.  To buy the original I had to hunt to find one that fitted my criteria.  I am tall, and like a nightie that comes down below my knees.  I hate pyjamas, I must have a nightie.  No long sleeves, even in the cold of winter.  So, I hunted in several of the low cost department stores.  I had to buy one exactly the same as the missing one!  They were so cheap, I bought two.

About 24 hours after arriving home with the new attire, I noticed the original one, sitting on some items near the end of the bed.  I swear that it was not there during my hunt.  How could I miss it.  Oh, well, now I have three!!   So glad they weren’t expensive!  The lost was found.

Dash Cam

Now, how could I lose a dash cam.  It was about half the size of a mobile phone, plus it had some wobbly bits, the “tool” that attaches it to the windscreen.  One day, the camera fell, as the “tool” had decided to break.  I tried various methods to repair it.  Super glue, rubber bands, etc, but it refused to heal.  So I tossed out the broken unrepairable bits.  And at the same time I lost the good bits.  The camera.  I hunted and hunted. So, when I saw one at 50% off at Supercheap Auto, I bought one.

Then a friend, who’d been in my car asked me to look for her sun glasses.  Had she left them in my car?  I hunted, I moved the seats back and forth and lay on my car floor looking under the seats, all to no avail.  I did not find her glasses.  But, much to my surprise, I had obviously lodged the dash cam.  No, not the new one, but the one that had gone missing!  Oh, at least I have a spare now.  The lost is found.

My Fountain Pen

Pen and Ink taken by me

The Purple Fountain Pen and Ink

My passion for fountain pens is well known.  I rarely use “biros” or pencils.  When I write letters, sign my name on printed documents and use such a pen anywhere and everywhere I have to write.  I am known to carry two or three in my handbags.  My preference is my favourite Purple Pen with Purple Ink.   It ran out of ink, and I put it somewhere, so that I would remember to refill it.  But it went AWOL.  I hunted everywhere, so yesterday I Googled  “buy purple fountain pen”.  Oh, there are so many it was hard to choose, but suspecting that my Lost and Found condition would rear its ugly head again, I chose to buy one from a New South Wales shop that was less than $10.  The postage was almost as much!!

Guess What!!

This morning as I was creating something with Corflute and had to clear the table, guess what looked at me from behind a small box.  I had looked there before, but on that occasion, it obviously hid from me!  I am just about to refill it.  At least I can write with a purple pen and purple ink, while I wait for the new one to be delivered.

Is it my brain that is causing this phenomenon?  Is my brain getting too old?

What is lost is found – especially if I buy a replacement!

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