Married at First Sight Rant

MAFS – Bad Language a Disgrace

I have watched parts of the “hit program” Married at First Sight 2019.  Some of the candidates use terrible language.   I cannot believe that Channel 9 thinks it is ok for such foul language to be spoken on the program. The bad language is a disgrace.  Sure, it is not a children’s program and there are warnings. But surely it would be easier to tell the participants that bad language is not acceptable.

Now, I know I can probably be described as a goodie-two-shoes, as the language used is not part of my vocabulary.  Once upon a time, when I was younger, such language was totally unacceptable anywhere. It was unacceptable on radio or television. These days, perhaps because of the influence of the media, it is common language.   I hear young children using these foul words as if they are acceptable everyday vocabulary.

The Dreaded F-word.

The “F-word” was used, and still is, I understand,  by males when they rape someone. While the meaning of the word may have changed in more recent times for some, there are many people, especially women who have been wronged, still are scared and horrified and for some have flashbacks when the word is used.



Photo by San Salvador, El Salvador

Oh, why can’t we go back to nicer times when such language was seldom heard?

Can we Blame the Media?

We have so much violence in our world these days, so much anger, so much crime, at a time when we could or should be operating at a better level.  We have a so much better life that it was for folk earlier in our history, but we have allowed our standards to be so low that people do not feel safe, even in their own homes.

I often wonder if television is to blame for much of the negative behaviour.  The violence that is portrayed on some programs could quite well inspire people with a low level of intelligence to believe that the violence, crime, foul language and anti-social behaviour is acceptable.  It is not.

Channel 9 is not helping, broadcasting programs with such hostility and bad language, especially when they are supposedly “encouraging” the participants to love and honour each other.  It doesn’t work!!!

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