I don’t recall whether it was China or South Korea that I “discovered” mochi, but I know I bought these delicacies in both places when I was teaching there.

They are not regulars in Australian supermarkets, and I don’t go looking for them when I find an Asian supermarket.  Well, that is until now.

On Friday I set out to meet a lady, whom my son met some time ago.  We have communicated by phone and agreed to meet at Australia Fair at Southport.  After we met and had coffee and a chat, we went our own ways back to our cars.  I was unfamiliar with the Australia Fair shopping centre, so went for a wander.

It was there I found the Ming Mei Asian supermarket.  I often wander in these shops – not so much to buy anything, but to look and remember.   Living in China these were familiar type of supermarkets, though most I visited there were much bigger than Ming Mei.

Many products were familiar to me – others, of course, were not.  Then I found the Mochi.  They weren’t well displayed for me, but I recognised the delicacy on a lower shelf.   I bought a packet.

Mochi 1

Blueberry Mochi



I couldn’t wait until I got back to the car to taste one.  Or two.  Yummy.

The following day I was back at Australia Fair, looking for something else, and just had to go back to Ming Mei and get some more.  Another packet of the same, and a packet of the tea ones.

The Green Tea Mochi were one of my favourites and I found a packet of them.  I was so excited. They are so good.  I often wonder why we Aussies haven’t “discovered” Mochi. They are special!!


I searched Dr Google and found a recipe.  I wonder if I could make them as good as the ones I buy?  One day I am going to try.    This will be the recipe I try first.

Mochi 2

Green Tea Mochi



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