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I am still foraging through a plastic box of family historical items.  I have decided to create a photo book for both my parents as I have so much that I don’t want to be lost.  I keep coming across letters from my parents and other people.  I have two letters that are very special to me – it is a long story, how these key people wrote to me.

Some many years ago when I was associated with a school, I identified sexual and physical abuse at the school and set out to stop it.  It is a very long story, but you can guess that the key people in the church did not want to know about it.  I went to the most senior person within the church, who apparently did nothing.  I never heard from him.  After much activity, I eventually left the church and have not attended a church service since.

Later on, I had written communication with two other key people in the church – and it is those letters that I have in my collection.  Few people know the full story of what I did, but to me, that is just some acknowledgment of what I did.  As it turns out, many years later, one of the teachers was jailed for his treatment of one of the boys.

As well I have found other documents – letters from my school principal back in the 1960’s, telling me how good I was!!

Soon, it will all be carefully in order, and when I pass on, there will be some history for my grandchildren and their children. There will also be an electronic version of it all.  More work to do.

I often smile at all the items that younger people collect these days – my grandchildren have so many certificates, glossy elaborate school reports, medals etc.  I wonder how they will manage to save and collect these items in the future.

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