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That’s what I do.  I love Travelling and House Sitting.  I have been house sitting for most of the year – mainly in the Moreton Bay Region of Queensland.  This week I moved into a lovely house on Bribie Island.  The island is one of many off the Queensland Coast – but this is the only one with a bridge between the island and the mainland.

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It is a magic place, just north of Brisbane.  It is surrounded by great beaches, with plenty of places to fish, and plenty of places to buy your favourite fish.  There are interesting historical remnants of World War II on the ocean side – much of it lost, but still some survive.

Bribie was always the holiday island.  In the early days people arrived at Bongaree by boat, and it was in 1963 that the bridge was completed.  When we first visited the island, there was a toll to go on the bridge and the little building remains.

House Sitting on Bribie

This is my first house sit on Bribie – and it is right at the edge of the suburb of Bongaree.  From the backyard there is a large park with grassed area  and beyond is acres of bushland where kangaroos live.  They often come out onto the grassed area.  Sometimes they only come out at night – and always leave their “calling cards” – roo poo.

It’s a lovely house – quite peaceful and I am hoping I can get a lot of writing work done. This house sit is for just over two months, and after that, I will be at another house on a canal.  There are many canal estates on the island, and I look forward to staying there – and I plan to do some fishing in the canal.

More House Sitting 2

Looking towards the bridge.

Great for Photography.

It is a wonderful place for photography too.  Dawn and dusk, on any of the seaside spots.  One place I like is at Banksia Beach or White Patch, watching the sun set behind the Glasshouse Mountains on the mainland.

Towards the Glasshouse Mountains.

The Glasshouse Mountains at dusk

Three months on the island.  I am a lucky house sitter.

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