My Crazy Year!

Moving in My Crazy Year 

I did not plan for such a Crazy Year, but I did plan for a BIG year.  Here we are after three months, and so many things that have happened were not in my plans.

For the record, I did plan to move back to the Wynnum area, and I did apply for housing via the Queensland Department of Housing but did not expect to get an offer so quickly.  And for it to be in a property that I have been familiar with over the last 20 years, was incredible.  There are Pro’s and Con’s about this place, but I was drowning in the high rent at Deception Bay, and the offer from the Department was too good to refuse.  And pity help you if you do refuse an offer from them!

Enter the Corona Virus.

Now, this has caught us all off guard.  Even as the Corona Virus made its way through China, I did not comprehend how it would affect us.

Moving while there are so many restrictions is difficult.  I had challenges in getting cleaners and helpers.  But all worked out well.  I am in the unit at Wynnum West, waiting for a wardrobe to arrive and still sorting through things.  My car is still full of things I packed in it yesterday, waiting for me to get to it today.  Will do soon.  My feet and back are so sore, so I am “pacing” myself.

My Crazy Year! 1

My back door – with items awaiting attention. I love the flowers.  Boxes and stuff – part of my Crazy Moving Year

Moving House Alone


I am pretty proud of myself as I have done this move almost all on my own.  Because of the restrictions as a result of the Corona Virus, my family was not around to help me.

There were some things I have had to do on my own – like unpack and assemble a redhead, sort out some of the cables for my computers etc, fix the television (needed new cable) and so on.

It is now Sunday morning.  A stay at home day today.  I hope to reduce the amount of boxes waiting to be emptied.  I have a desk that I no longer need, so when I have removed two boxes that are on it, I will roll it out to the entrance, and later put a message on Facebook Markets.  I will donate it to someone who is now working from home and needs a desk.

Will I be able to move a bookshelf on my own?  I may have to call for help from someone.

Neighbour Day 2020

I learned yesterday that it is Neighbour Day on the last Sunday of March – so as it is 29th, it is today that it should be celebrated.  With the current situation, there will probably be no celebration.

Yesterday I met two of my neighbours.  One lives in the unit beside “mine” and the other lady is next door to her.  They were lovely friendly ladies.  Now with the rules re mixing with other folks, we will have to keep 1.5 meters apart for some time.

It amused me that one of the ladies spoke about her lack of understanding of the measurement.  What is 1.5 meters.  The three of us laughed as we are part of the cohort that were brought up with the world of pounds, shillings and pence and measurements of yards, feet and inches, pounds and ounces.

Starting to Like the Unit

I’ve been familiar with this property for some years, and I am aware of the many complaints about it.  Even I have considered it “unsuitable” for older people – which I will detail in a future post.  But I am starting to enjoy certain elements of the place.

One big positive is that I have met some of the residents and they are nice.  At my previous residence, I would be quite isolated during this period when we must stay at home.


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