Moving to Deception Bay

In the TruckMoving to Deception Bay 1

I was most fortunate as my son-in-law offered to get a truck and move my worldly goods from the shipping container, which has lived on his property for nearly 2 years.  In fact one of this brother’s and a friend help load the truck.  Another brother and my son were at Deception Bay to move things into the apartment.

All went quite well, though I think there are a few of us with sore backs!!

So Many Boxes

Of course, I knew I had too many things.  Quite a few of my boxes are filled with books, and collections of magazines, my writings, interesting articles and more.  I do find it hard to let go of things but will have no choice but to do so.  Some of my furniture will have to go – a chest of drawers is damaged – it can be fixed but I have nowhere for it.

I have emptied quite a few – and washed most of the kitchen items.  There are still some things I cannot find.  I also found a bag of clothes that certainly were never mine.  Where are my three chairs?  I don’t know that I can track them down.  The removalist I used to move out of my property did not do the right thing and I had to move it again. Somehow things went missing.

Kitchen Cupboards

Clearly, I have less kitchen space for my things – but I will manage.  The kitchen is quite user-friendly and I like the dishwasher.  A couple of things don’t suit me – but nothing I can’t live with.  There are always somethings that you don’t like – but I am renting so I don’t have a lot of choice with the way things are.

The Washing Machine

I was concerned that my Fisher and Paykel washing machine, a top loader would not fit in the small laundry space, because of the dryer.  I cannot open the lid fully as I have always done before, but it opens enough to work.  I love it that it is right in the midst of the lounge/kitchen, but behind doors.  It quietly does the washing and I have the choice of putting things on the balcony or taking them to the line.  I love my washing machine, and so glad I don’t have to replace it.

Fisher & Paykel 5.5kg Quick Smart Washing Machine

It will probably be a week or two before I have emptied all the boxes, but that’s fine.  I look forward to spending 2019 at Deception Bay.

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