Murtle and I Have Returned

Murtle and I Return to Brisbane

Yesterday Murtle and I arrived back in Brisbane.  We have returned after nearly 6 weeks on the road in Murtle, the very ancient (1983) Toyota Coaster.  I have yet to calculate the distance she travelled, but from Brisbane to Uluru in Northern Territory and back is a pretty long way.

Murtle and I Have Returned 1

Judd’s Lagoon near Yulaba, Queensland.

Sadly I have had major problems with phone and the internet – so my plans to update on a regular basis were shattered.  There are some places where you can barely get phone coverage.  I had a phone connected to Telstra, and another to Optus.  The Telstra one has not worked and as Optus does not have as wide a coverage, I was handicapped there too.

However, I have had an awesome time.  I learned about managing Murtle along the way.  Some of the instructions given to me prior to leaving were not up to scratch, and strange things happened too.

The trip to the Alice was uneventful.  Murtle travelled well, but it was in Alice Springs just prior to the camp at Ross River Resort that she started to play up.  Each mechanic I saw gave me a different story!!!  It was very frustrating.  I will detail that later, but since Winton, I have had no trouble.

Dry Outback – Needs Rain and Lots of It.

We live in an amazing country, though sadly a lot of country areas are facing challenges that may never be overcome.  Water shortage is a huge problem – and rain is desperately needed!!  Towns are “dying” as people find that they can no longer cope with the lack of resources.

Murtle and I Have Returned 2

Murtle had to battle the red dust of the outbackk.

Houses are empty and decaying.  Many towns rely on the travellers for income – and of course travellers don’t always stop.   It is a huge country and my trip of six weeks didn’t allow me to visit all the places I wanted to – but I am happy.  I am planning the next trip.

My last night was free camping near Yuleba.


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