My Favourite Photo

Where’s My Favourite Photo?

As I write this, my favourite photo, taken by me is above.  The lovely old Wynnum Jetty. I visit often for it is not far from my home, and each time the sea looks different.  Some days the water is rough and murky, and at dawn or dusk the scenery is spectacular.  I must get up early one day and head there with my camera.

It is a popular walking spot for there is a very long walk all along the beachfront for miles – and each twist and turn the scenery is amazing.

Where is Wynnum?

It’s in Australia, in the state of Queensland which is on the upper right side of the great island of this big country. It is the coastal suburb of the city of Brisbane.  You can read some of the history here.

I have always loved living near the sea, though for much of my life I’ve been further away from it than I’d wanted.  As I child I was brought up not too far from the sea in Adelaide, way south-west of where I eventually made my home.I’m not a great swimmer, but love being in the water.

Last summer I lived in a complex with a pool and most days I would swim or do my exercise in the water while enjoying the cool water, but this summer, despite having new swimming togs, I’ve not been in the water.

Camera Addict!

My business card says I am a “camera addict” – I just love walking anywhere with my Olympus camera around my neck and looking for good pics to take.

These days, as well as using some in the writing I do for a few mags, I make cards out of them.  Mostly I give them away with a message to write to someone who needs a lift – perhaps a letter of encouragement, good wishes, or prayer.  Particularly older people like getting something in their mail – no need to post it if it is for someone who lives nearby.

Travel Photography

While my travelling days are now limited, I have a great collection of photos – and the one below is one I have often admired.  I took this photo in the great state of Western Australia.

My Favourite Photo 3







Another of my special pics was taken in Singapore, in the Gardens by the Bay where there were extraordinary scenes that really impressed me.  When I show this one, of a huge need baby appearing to be lying on the grass, people don’t believe me.  Some folk have even looked at the photo and made comment without realizing how big the baby must be.  With the tall buildings no so far from the park, it gives some idea.

Photo by Di Hill

Baby in Gardens by the Sea Singapore











What Cameras? 

Over the years I have had several cameras.  I rarely use my phone, and prefer my Olympus EM 10.  I have had big heavy cameras, but as I age, I rather like less weight to carry around. I feel I have much more control over the camera than a phone. I often carry a small Samsung camera too – fits neatly in my handbag.

What will I do with All My Photos?

It is not high on my “To Do List” at the moment but soon I will choose some of my best/favourites and put them in some sort of photo book.  I now do the cards and love donating them to groups for “lucky door or raffle prizes”.  Each card is presented with an envelope, and on the back the details of where the photo was taken.

Many appear in my blogs and other writing.

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 9







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