My Favourite Tool?

Tool?  I don’t have a “Favourite tool!!” Ok, let me explain.  I am doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge – 31 Days of posting on my blog.  Each day we are given “hints” but I find them more than challenging.  There are hints that don’t resonate with what I do…  Still I persist.

I do get behind too.  Oh, too busy at the moment.  I have such a lot on in my life at the moment.

Sometimes I try and ignore the “hint” – and when this one came up, I dismissed it initially. Do I have a favourite tool?  OK, read it again?  OK,  I will reveal I have a favourite tool.

It is called Grammarly.  I do love it.  It checks my grammar, spelling and lots more.  I am an affiliate too – so check up on the bottom of my website.  As well as giving me an option to change, I get a weekly report, which I love.  It works on my emails, word documents, websites, etc.  Whatever I type is checked.  Great stuff.

I don’t know that I would call any other tools “favourite” – but I can say that now WordPress is my favourite blog/web tool nowadays though I did like Blogger and still do actually, but as I do content for several websites I am learning and growing to love WordPress.

Reader?  I love my Kindle and like to travel with it.  Easy.  Light.  Works well for me.

I travel quite a bit, and though I do enjoy REAL books, I sure do like the Kindle for travel.  On a plane, on a bus, in a motel – I love my Kindle.  

I think the Ultimate Blog Challenge is great fun, and I am glad I am doing it, but also will be glad when it is finished.  It can be a hard slog.





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