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My Four Wheels

I love driving – in my own four wheels – which is “Wheely Good”.  This post is inspired by the Ultimate Blog Challenge Tips for Day Four.  This is my tale is about my driving history. At least the good stuff. Though reflecting, there’s not much that is not good. I love driving.

My current car is a red Holden Barina – which replaced my favourite car, a Mitsubishi Lancer that I loaned to my son when he was having difficulties.  It was July 1st, 2016, that the Barina came into my life. In some ways, I regret not buying another Lancer, but what is done is done.

In January 2021, I watched as the mileage turned over to 100,000!  On top of this, I have driven around 10,000 in an old Toyota Coaster, so I have had some long drives in that time.

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My Driving History

I didn’t learn to drive until I was in my mid 20’s.  Around 50 years ago.  We were living in Melbourne, Australia, I was married and a mother of two children. For a while, I had been working occasionally on night duty at a local hospital, and my husband had to drive me and pick me up, which meant we also had to get the children out of bed. My husband did that early in the mornings to pick me up.

There were driving lessons locally, and when I had my licence, my husband bought a car for me.  One Saturday morning, the four of us drove to the other side of Melbourne, and I had to drive home through a city I was not familiar with, with my new (second-hand) car!  Very scary.

How Many Cars have I had?

I’ve lost count, really. But I have had two brand new ones – the Lancer and the Barina.

Until my marriage breakup, I only had second-hand cars, but when my father died in 2011, about a year after I left my husband (who had sold my car not long before, without my permission or knowledge), I had the funds to buy a new car. The Mitsubishi Lancer.

By this time we were living in Brisbane, Queensland. We’d been there for around 25 years.  Each year, at least once but occasionally more often, we would drive from Brisbane to Adelaide, or Melbourne to see our parents, and let the grandchildren see their grandparents. Each trip was around 4000 kms.  My husband drove most of the time. I was the relief driver when he became too tired.  On the occasions we drove through the night, I drove from around 2 or 3 am until around 6 am.

My husband was a typical male in that he didn’t like to stop along the way. Apart from some quick stops, it was from A to B as fast as possible.  This is why I yearned to travel on my own and explore with my camera!

Around Australia

In 2012, I decided to do something that had been on my “bucket list” – I circumnavigated Australia.  Alone.  It was a trip of around 40,000 km with all the off main road travels I did exploring and visiting friends and relatives.  It took me around 5 months.  I often laugh that I took a tent, an inflatable bed, and a range of camping equipment, but returned home with them still in their original packaging . Family members have since used them. I realised that as a lone woman, it was not really safe for me.  I stayed with friends, relatives, and in cabins.

I have done several other long trips – one was from Brisbane to Uluru-Kata Tjuta in the Toyota Coaster (bus/motor home) in 2017, and another year I drove down to Tasmania, and then on to Adelaide and back to Brisbane via Broken Hill.

My Wheely Good Four Wheels

I do feel that I am a wheely good driver, and apart from one event, my four wheels have been good to me. For all my driving I have only once had wheel/tyre problems.  One day not far from home, on my way back from Bribie Island to my home in Beachmere, I had a flat tyre. The only one I have ever had in all my driving.  Luckily I am a member of RACQ – a motoring body and I soon had one of their “rescuers” fixing my problem.  Only a short interruption to my day.

I am grateful for my 4 wheeled vehicles which have helped my safety with my travels in Australia, and Ireland in 2005.  I feel so blessed that I had the opportunity to see more of my own country – something that many Aussies will never do.

My Wheely Good Wheels have been good to me.

Photo by Nick Dunne at

Broome Western Australia

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