My Life as a Manicurist

Beautiful Fingernails

Who would have thought that at one stage of my life I would be a “manicurist”, helping women look after their own fingernails?  At that time I earned an income from being a “manicurist.”

Like many women, I like neat well groomed fingernails.  I have concerns for those people who chew their nails, or whose nails are either neglected and/or damaged.  I loathe false nails, though do accept that

(a) for some people that is the only way to get nice nails

(b) it is sometimes necessary to present very well for some occasions

I also note that it can be very damaging for th nails of some people.

How Did I Get into being a Manicurist?

It was odd really.  Out of left field, you might say.  I had joined an organisation and met a lady who had just invested in a direct selling group.  Their product range was all about nail care – the products were made in Australia and they promoted “natural nails.”  It was early in the 1980s. At the time, I was a Registered Nurse, working in hospitals around Brisbane.  I applied for an was appointed as a “medical representative” employed by health products.  I could wear nice clothes to work, (no uniform), and I could take more care of my body.  It was then that I learned of the manicure products.  My new friend was most amazed as I bought the whole range at once.  Her highest sale ever!

The Nail Care Products were Awesome

I used the care products religiously.  My nails improved to the point that I felt comfortable using coloured nail polish.  My friends and family were impressed and I soon found myself selling the products on the side.  I learned how to promote them at “party plan” events and eventually became one of their top sales representatives.  Only working in my spare time.

Two Trips – Alice Springs and Singapore as a Manicurist

I’ll post about these trips later – but those two trips gave me inspiration about travelling, though I was to do it later in my life.  The Alice was a BIG adventure as from day one we experienced drama.  It’s a long story.

Over the years I did a lot of work, including volunteer manicure lessons, and also taught at TAFE.

By that time the company had its second owner, and a third was to follow.  They were confusing and challenging times as the company’s original founder.  My husband I eventually bought it, but for a range of reasons we were not successful with it.  There were some challenging laws about transporting some of the flammable products that made it financially difficult.

Fast Forward to 2019

Around mid year I started a new treatment of my nails, as I had “let them go”.  I was just too busy to bother.  Then I found some great purple nail polish in KMart (for $2), and started using it.  Was it that or some other products I used, I don’t know, that improved my nails? However my fingernails grew and seldom broke.

Yesterday, I went to a luncheon function with friends.  Some of them noticed my purple nails with two tiny “diamonties” on one of the nails.  Their comments amused me.  Some thought I had had my nails done professionally.  They were so impressed to learn that I do it by myself.

I am pretty pleased with myself at the moment!!!

My Life as a Manicurist 1

My purple nail polish and two diamonties

I’ll post about my near death experiences on that Alice Springs trip shortly!

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