My New Abode

No more No Fixed Abode

After house-sitting for nearly one and a half years, I’m ready to give it up.  No more packing up, cleaning up, moving out, moving in, getting to “know” the new abode.  I’ll be moving in after Christmas and staying put.

I will be moving into my new abode – a new apartment – on the fourth floor of a new building, near the waterfront of Deception Bay.  It’s only a short distance “as the crow flies” from my old address, but a longer distance by road.

The rental contract is signed and the bond paid – I just have to wait until just after Christmas to move in!

Christmas Party – Meet and Greet

On the day I signed the lease, the property manager told me about the Christmas Party and invited me to attend.  And so I did.  It had already been a busy day but I made my way to Deception Bay after my other appointments.  I had time to explore a little too.  Driving around the waterfront, I was getting my bearings and investigating the area.  I found the library – I had been there a few years ago.

The party started at 6 pm, and I was one of the early attendees at the Party – but got to meet quite a few folk, including some lovely ladies who live there alone.  I didn’t eat dinner with them – in fact, left after nearly 2 hours.  Earlier I had been to lunch so didn’t need to “top up”.

The Property

The units were only completed in the last 12 months.  They are a short walk from the beachfront.  Not a good swimming beach, but a great place to walk and ride, take photos and enjoy the scenery.  There are mangrove trees along much of the waterfront, and when the tide is out there’s a long walk to the water – which is very shallow.

There are three buildings in the complex.  All four stories high.  The ones on the ground floor have a small yard and garden.  There is a community area with BBQ, toilets, grass area and swimming pool.

Each building has a life (elevator) so it is suitable for seniors and disabled.  There are couples and singles living on the property – and it appears to be a very friendly community.  There’s even talk of a community vegetable garden too.

It is pretty much the sort of property that I have been promoting in SoSeW – co-housing for solo senior women.  I think it is a strange coincidence that I have found this property and am moving in.  So much to learn from the experience I think.

What I learned.

The property is managed by a young man, who is clearly liked and respected.  I would love to know more about him, and I guess I will one day, but he’s a guy that is open to new ideas.  Many folk own their units and others, like me, are renters, where the owner has invested in the property.   With a friendly manager on site, there are not a lot of problems that can’t be solved quickly.

As I returned home to my house sit last night, I was more excited about moving in.  It has so many similarities to cohousing.  I can’t wait to show my friends who are interested in the co-housing model.  Perhaps I can get something going through my connections at the property.

I am looking forward to riding my bike around the many bike paths that are in the area of my new abode.

Cycle at D'Bay


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