My Niche?

Niche?  What Niche?

I don’t have a “Niche”.  I find this question has come up with the Ultimate Blog Challenge before, and I can’t say that things have progressed to having a “niche”.  In fact, as I have said before, I call myself a “jill of all trades and mistress of some”.  I find it difficult to focus on one project.  I’m a skilled ‘multi-tasker”.

If asked to list my occupation – I usually write “retired” or “writer”.  In fact I am both and more.  my business card always creates a smile when people read it.  For it says

Di Hill

M.A.,  B AVT, 

Writer, Traveller, Camera Addict, Bamboo Fan, Workshop Presenter

So let me explain a little.


I am a copious writer – usually magazine articles, but some of my short stories have been published in anthologies, and I am writing a novel which is due to be completed by May 2018!  I am also a “veteran” writer for

Over the years I have started as well as working on the committees of writers groups.


Over the years I have done some amazing travelling.  I have never lived in my birth state, so regular travels to “home” to see my parents and other family members took me across Australia.  My travel has been by plane, bus, train and driving my own car.

I have driven around Ireland on my own, lived in China and South Korea on my own, and travelled to London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, and other places – usually alone.

In 2012/13 I drove on my own in my Mitsubishi Lancer, around Australia for five months – and again in 2016, I drove from Brisbane to Hobart (across Bass Strait on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry).

In 2017, I drove a 1983 Toyota Coaster van from Brisbane to Uluru in central Australia and back,  a journey of 7500 kms.  On my own.  I have more plans to travel!

Camera Addict

Seldom do I call myself a photographer.  It’s just the taking of photos I like – and carry my cameras with me at all times.  In the past, I have had my own “studio” and have been paid on many occasions for my photos.  I prefer just to use them in my blogs, or cards that I sell.  My preference is to take photos of landscapes.

My Niche? 1

Near Sandstone Point in Queensland

Bamboo Fan

This always makes people laugh or ask questions.  Living in China, I was surrounded by bamboo and came to learn the history of bamboo, and the many amazing uses of this fast growing plant.  I did my uni thesis on bamboo, and am often asked to speak at groups about the things that I have learned.  Sometimes they pay me.  Whoo Hoo! My home is filled with items made of bamboo.

Workshop Presenter

As mentioned above, I do presentations on Bamboo, but also do workshops on topics like How to Set up a Blogger Blog (I use both Blogger and WordPress), editing workshops for writers, obituaries, and more.  A long time ago I was a professional speaker on “Networking”.

So no “niche”.  I have had an amazing life with plenty of careers from nursing to teaching and all sorts in between.

I should add to my business card “Enjoying Life to the Full“.

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My business card says "Writer, Traveller, Camera Addict, Bamboo Fan, Workshop Presenter." This website will focus on my writing - and the workshops I present. Workshops on Blogging, Marketing for Writers, and Life Story Writing.
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