My Quote for the Week

Quote for the Week

 My Quote for the Week is “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” The words of wisdom from Eleanor Roosevelt, who was the wife of the President of the United States.  Franklin D Roosevelt was President from 1933 to 1945.  Eleanor was considered a political figure, diplomat and activist, and also earned the title of “First Lady of the World,” by President Truman who became President after President Roosevelt died.

I was born during the “reign” of Eleanor Roosevelt, and I wonder if my parents gave me the middle name of Eleanor as a result of this wonderful woman.

Positive Quotes

It had not occurred me to do this – but I have decided, as a result of this challenge with the Ultimat Blog Challenge to write a positive quote on butcher’s paper and adhere it to my window adjacent to my desk.

My plan is to change the quote every week.  Will I manage that?  Even if I don’t there will be one of these quotes of wisdom there to inspire me.

I do like to start early every morning with a list of things to do – and, unless I am committed to leaving home (meeting, appointment etc), I like to work until around 1 pm.  Occasionally I like to have a “nanna nap” in the afternoon after I have done some exercise.  The commitment to do that on a daily basis is high in my plans for 2020.

Later Thought

So, with butcher’s paper and marker pens ready, I had another thought.  I have several sheets of “corflute, and it is much easier to write on, so I hastily wrote on one and know it will be easier to do.  The butcher’s paper has been returned to its cupboard.

My words of wisdom are there for me to easily see.  Just a quick glance above my laptop screen. Easy.

Quote from Eleanor Roosevelt

Quote for the Week

Do you have a favourite quote? Could you share it?


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