Neighbours – the Good and the Bad

Neighbours are having a great impact on me at the moment.  One, my favourite neighbours who are there for me, right next door and are in some ways my security, though I have not had to call on them.

Sadly, they advised me the day before yesterday, that health issues have convinced them to move north to be closer to a member of their family.  I will miss them terribly.  It is making me feel a little concerned about my own future.  Mr K has mowed my front lawn for years – something that I could do, with some difficulty.  When he mows his lawn, he walks across the drive way and does mine.  I will miss them for many reasons, and feel concerned about new neighbours.  Sometimes they water my garden/pot plants when I am away.


Orchids – I doubt my neighbors can see them!

I have two other neighbours that I feel positive about, but others not so.

My immediate next door neighbours on the other side are a major worry.

There were two men, a young lady and her three children living next door.  There was a dog that belongs to one of the men – and he seems to come and go, as do the other folk.  The dog barked all night one night as there was no one at the home all night.  When I went to tell the guy who owned it, who turned up with his mother the following day, he denied that it would be his dog.  And then told me in an abusive manner, that he “didn’t give a f…ing shit” how it affected me.  He was at my front door about ten minutes later with an apology (perhaps because the lady driving the car was his mother and she would have seen and heard what he said to me.)   The dog has only been at the house on one or two days since then.

I am concerned about the mother and children – she yells and screams at the three little children (one of whom is not even 12 months old).  She disappears, with them, for days at a time, and has been gone for four days this week, and loaded the clothes line with her washing before she went away.  It has been on the line for all that time.  One of the men comes occasionally, but he obviously is not concerned about the washing.

Next door to that house, is another dog, that barks constantly.  Apparently, the three folk who live there “disappear” for days on end, leaving the dog home and it barked non-stop until 10.30 pm.  I didn’t hear it again until 6 am this morning.  Will I complain to the council.  I am thinking about it.

What are your neighbours like?



The mother and children have moved.  She was sharing with a friend, who could no longer tolerate her abuse of her children.  I don’t know her name, nor where she has gone, and I only hope that someone can help the children, soon.

The owner of the dog has been pleasant to me today.  He advised me that he has put a collar on the dog, which should prevent it from barking.  Life should be better for me, and hopefully the dog.


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