No Contest – UBC Day 8

Too Late for Contest – No Contest

I am too late to participate in the Contest Post – so No Contest from me. In my efforts to catch up with not only the Ultimate Blog Challenge but the heavy workload that I had created for myself, I’m too late to participate in the Contest Theme.  It’s Day 10 and I needed to complete the task by Day 8.  Darn.

I was about to show how to use a Crossword Puzzle App, and went to a lot of trouble to create a puzzle, only to have trouble putting it on this site.  Then I learn that the puzzle has not been updated for years and is now incompatible with WordPress. Darn again.

There is some software that may work – but I don’t have the time or mental freshness to test it.  You can explore it here. 

No Contest?  – Too Many Challenges

Can I state that this week has been very full of Challenges?  But I’m not giving in.  Yet.  So let me steer readers in another way.

What can you do to encourage readers to do to communicate with your business or website?

A short quiz might work?  Questions re your product or service?  Maybe just 5 questions with a fun prize?

Or you can create a writing competition where your readers are invited to write just a 10-word story.  Or a 20-word story?  If you have a shop front you could have a box with entries, but make sure you tell folk to put their name and phone number or appropriate contact details on it.    Or ask them to put it on your Facebook page.  (Make sure you delete inappropriate writing!)

Whatever contest you run will require a lot of extra work – so make sure it is of value.  It can be a lot of fun and involve more potential clients.  It might get them talking about your business or competition which might be fruitful.

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My UBC DAY 7 Entry – Click here.

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