No Fixed Abode

It is a real challenge not having a fixed address.  I am without home, as opposed to homeless.  But I don’t have a real home other than the 1983 Toyota Coaster deteriorating in my daughter’s back yard.  I have been house sitting the last year.  Moving every 6 to 12 weeks.  

I have stayed in many good houses, but they are not MY home.  It has its challenges.

Where do I live?

One big issue is one’s address.  Many organisations want to know where you live.  Do I notify them every time I move?  Or do I use an address and “pretend” I live there?  I do have a post office box, but many organisations will not post things to it – they want to send mail to my physical address.  There are several issues with that.  One is that my family often don’t give the mail to me.  It gets lost.  It can be very confusing.  

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My Pension Card says “No fixed abode”, and I had to “fight” to get that as Centrelink wanted me to advise them every time I moved!

There are many issues with having no fixed home/address.  And today I found another one.  I had been to the local library and requested a book.  It was not available in the library, but the staff member said they could get it for me and advise me.  Which they did.  When I went to pick it up, I was told that they had sent it to the Mobile Library, which visits the suburb I used to live in, some distance away.    I was a bit miffed as I had asked for it to be delivered to the local library.  However, the library staff, ignored my request and chose to deliver the book to the mobile library which visits my “old” stamping round.

As it turns out I will be in the vicinity of the mobile library bus on Friday, so hopefully will collect it then.

I want to stop moving around.

Oh, I am so sick of all the complications of not having a permanent home.  

Moving from house to house has its challenges.  All the houses have been good, but often I find that I have to get “extras” to make my life easier.  Like the house with no toaster (they don’t eat bread) or the house with no coathangers in the wardrobe (had to buy some), and so on.

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