Not a Good Day. Nothing is Working for Me.

Thank goodness this didn’t all happen yesterday on my Birthday.  Yesterday, was a good day.  Certainly in comparison to today.

I knew I had some issues to resolve, but I didn’t think it would be all that difficult.

The Car

My car is overdue for a service, so  I phoned and booked a service in Brisbane.  Why Brisbane?  It’s just a bit easier for me as I have some preparation with the van, and I “know” the company that will be doing the service.  (I do have some issues with their customer service, though!)

Anyway, all booked. Late this morning I find I have some messages.  My phone does not work here in Gav’s apartment.  I go out to the car and drive to where I get a good signal.   One call is from the Car Servicing company.  They’ve cancelled by booking as the registration number I gave them cannot be identified.  I phone to try and sort it out.  They don’t have my car registration listed in their records, nor my name, nor details of the car that was serviced there last week.  (That was the car my son uses that I took for a recall issue).

They told me just to turn up anyway.

Phone SIM Card

Nearly three weeks ago I ordered a new SIM card (on special with one of the discount coupon companies) and it was to arrive within 14 days.  It hasn’t.  I think I have been on the phone, and on chat help lines for around 6 hours now and have been given the runaround.  I have now asked for a refund.  They don’t do refunds.  Even if they cannot deliver the goods.  Ain’t that weird?  Still ongoing with that!!!

Then, wanting the car to be cleaned.  It is very dirty and not easy to do from here.  The first company I phoned said they couldn’t do it, as there is no power point handy for a vacuum cleaner and no hose.  (I am in an apartment), so I decided to drive to Ferry Road, Southport.  There are two car cleaning companies side-by-side.  The first one is having issues with their Eftpos and I need cash.  Don’t have.  The other has so much business I will have to wait over an hour to get my car done.  I left.  Too hard.

It will be a good day if I get a shot like this.

Photo by Jennett Bremer on Unsplash







Whale Watching

A few days ago I ordered a voucher online for the Whale Watching trip.  Paid and the voucher was emailed.  Next step is to “book” with the Whale Watching company.  I tried, but it says my voucher is “invalid”.  I make phone calls.  Have to send a copy of the voucher and all my details to the Whale Watching Company office and they will arrange my booking.   Have I heard from them yet???    Nope.

Hoping it gets better.

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