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It’s been many weeks since I had “easy use” of internet facilities.  When I left Brisbane on August 8th, I did not know I would have such “online challenges”.  When I drove around Australia in 2012/13 I had only a little trouble getting on line, but this time it was different.

My Dongle created challenges.  It rarely worked.  I did get it “seen to” and a new card was provided, but it didn’t work.  As well, my computer found it difficult to access available Wifi.  Again annoying.

On-line Challenges 1

Back “home” in Brisbane, I continue to have trouble.  The area in which the van and I are parked is not good for any reception.  Which means I have to find a spot (daughter’s home, the library) etc to get some work done.  It’s frustrating.  But that is all about to end.


I will be attending this in the city and staying at a hotel there.  Free Wifi.  Oh, I so hope it works!!  Then, I set off on another adventure.


On Wednesday I move into a house at Wamuran.  I will be house sitting there for 6 weeks.  YeeHaa!!  Internet!!!

Wamuran? or Wam as the locals call it, is a little town on the D’Aguilar Highway.  It is a fruit growing area – in the past more for its pineapple plantations, of which there are still some.  There is a big mango farm behind the house I will be staying at, and nearby there’s strawberries and other berries.


There is a dog, with escapologist tendencies, and an indoor cat (not allowed outside), and 10 pigeons in a nice cage not far from the house.  There’s also lot of garden to look after.  I will be there for six weeks.  Oh, how I am looking forward to that.  Hoping to get a lot of writing done.  There’s also NANOWRIMO during that time, November the big writing month.  So perhaps I can participate.

Oh, I do hope I don’t continue to have online challenges.

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