On Marching Music

I remember many years ago as a Girl Guide I loved the events that required us to march.  In those days, it was usually to live marching bands.  I remember each year when we celebrated “Thinking Day” that we would march into Government House, Adelaide for the ceremony that Guides and Scouts celebrated.  It was at this ceremony that Queen’s Guides and Queen’s Scouts certificates were handed to those who had completed their tests.  In 1960, it was me that was up there to receive the certificate, but I have little recollection of it.

However, I have always had a love of marching music and have a couple of CD’s that I play from time to time.

Marching Music has been on my mind for a few days recently as I am working with a group at the Caboolture Historical Village to promote a National Flag Day at the Village in September.  There is a great band performing at the event, so I checked them out on Youtube.  Not a lot, but I found them. I found the Laurie Young Concert Band, sometimes called the Marching Band.

You can watch them at an Anzac Service here.

Then today I was going to go for a walk but it started to rain, so I found some music on Youtube and marched in my passage way for nearly 30 minutes.  I was surprised to find so many on Youtube.  So much fun!!

Marching girls

Read the story about the above marching girls here.

I always enjoyed watching Marching Girls but I don’t see or hear much about them these days.

I found this in Wikipedia “The Australian Marching Association (AMA) was the main officiating organisation for the sport in Australia up until 23 June 2012. On that date at the organisation’s Annual General Meeting, the sport unanimously approved the new name of DrillDance Australia to replace the Australian Marching Association. DrillDance Australia is now the governing body. This rebranding marks a significant turning point in the sport in Australia as it takes steps to once again be a popular choice of activity for young people as well as those returning to the sport. Marching New Zealand (MNZ) is the main officiating organization for the sport in New Zealand.”

I will have to keep my eyes open for them.


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