On the Discrimination of Women

The Story of Discrimination

The reality is that women are discriminated against in so many areas.  It is a divisive issue to discuss.  Many women do not comprehend the way the world has been created by men for men.  It affects us on a daily basis.  Read about it in Invisible Women.  If the issue is raised with males, they just don’t understand how deep it is.  They know and understand the pay gap. That forever men have been paid much more for the same work than their female counterparts.  One recent “famous” event was that Lisa Wilkinson of Channel 9 Morning Show was paid far less than Karl Stefanovic. She left Channel 9 as a result. Read here.

Public Toilets

Women are so aware of the difference between the toilet facilities offered to men and women.  In most cases the same space is used to build the facilities, but men usually use urinals that are not in a cubicle.  With no queues, they can more quickly do their deed (pee) and be gone within seconds.  Women on the other hand have cubicles, and take longer to do their deed than men.  Sometimes it takes longer to arrange one’s closes to “go”, and many women have other issues to deal with e.g. menstruation, health problems etc.  Despite knowing that there are always long queues at the women’s toilets in places such as theatres, event venues etc, there is little or no consideration by the male architects/ builders to make adjustments and provide more facilities for women.

Invisible Women

Today I learned about a book titled  Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men written by Caroline Criado Perez, which not unsurprisingly is a #1 Best Seller.  And I have found an interview of her on ABC RN, with Jonathan Green.  Click here to listen (Ignore the first few seconds!) 

I am so excited to hear that such material is published and look forward to reading the book!

I have only put two links to videos here, but if you go to www.YouTube.com and key in her name, you will find many more with discussions on her book Invisible Women.

Maybe I will tell all my story one day – but women of my vintage know how about the inequality in marriages, in the work force, and in life generally.  I wonder if it will change in my lifetime.  What do you think?


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