One Week to Go

One Week  to Go Before Departure

I hope that in one week, I will have my car packed, except for last-minute items ready to head off to South Australia. Yesterday, I updated and checked the accommodation that I have booked for the journey, printed it out, and packed it into the blue folder.

Tomorrow I will update and check off my lists – items to take, and things to do at the last minute before I depart. For example, I will be moving my electric Blind Freddy bike into the lounge room, rather than leave it in an area at risk of being stolen. I must remember to take the necessary cables for various appliances, that I cannot pack until the last minute.

My Car

On Thursday my car will receive a check up at My Car.

There’s nothing wrong with it that I know, as it is not long since its last service, but I think it is a wise move to have the check before I set off. I can’t put much into the car until I’ve had it checked, but items are piled in the lounge room ready to pack when the car returns after I pick it up.

One Week to Go 1


I am a member of RACQ -a club that does car insurance, roadside assistance, and much more and I use their Trip Planner page to get details of my journey. Day one is a 496 km trip, out west towards the centre of Australia. I plan to leave around 8 – 8.30 am, and will have my first stop somewhere after Toowoomba.  It is a longer stretch than I would normally do, but I don’t like to stop in cities and the floods have impacted the towns on the way to Toowoomba, so I will endeavour to go on beyond there.

In the mornings I like to listen to the ABC Radio News Service first after I get into the car, and then I listen to podcasts. They are already loaded onto a USB Stick waiting in the car for me to push the button!

I prefer to stop every hour to get out and walk around for a short while, have a snack and a drink before setting off again. In the afternoon I listen to music – and have so many CD’s ready in the car, plus I have some music on my phone. I like a lot of older style music, and generally, I sing along too. It helps keep me awake!

Taking Photographs

I like to take photos along the way, it’s great to have some pics of all the areas I travel through. Sadly, I get annoyed often because I see great photo spots, but cannot stop along the highway unless there is another road or parking area. Darn. I will just have to keep my eyes open for any opportunities.

The driving on day one should last about 6 – 7 hours all being well, so if I leave at 8.30 am, there’s a chance of reaching my destination, St George, around 3 pm, which gives me a chance to look around the town, maybe visit a winery, check out the Balonne River, and other spots. I may dine out that night, but I will have plenty of food, snacks, fruit etc to eat. And I will probably appreciate a good rest. The hotel has a swimming pool, so if the weather is hot, I may have a dip before my rest.

So that is day one.  Only two more days of driving to do.

But this week, I still have quite a few things to do to make sure that I am well and truly organised.  I am getting quite excited.

Are you planning a trip, dear reader?  Where to?



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