Overwhelmed and Overworked

There is so much in my To Do List that I am often overwhelmed.  After going away for nearly 6 weeks, I came back to an every growing list that I cannot get done – hindered by some health issues too.

“Stop the World, I want to get off”

As secretary of one community organisation, and on the committee for several others, I find my workload for this sector of my life growing at an alarming rate.  I am bowing out of one committee at the November Annual General Meeting, but that alone will not be enough for me to get back some “order” in my life.  I have to drop out of a couple of others too.  I have to learn to say “no” too sometimes.

My body is warning me!”

A few health issues don’t help.  I know that it is probably my body yelling at me to slow down.  Stop.  My current issue is a stye.  My eye has been painful for a few days, and last night the stye revealed itself.  It has gone down overnight, but my eye is still painful.  I probably caused it by rubbing my eyes as they have been itching lately.

Other aches and pains are causing me issues too.  Darn!!


A Bunch of Lilies

My Gift to me to reduce “overwhelmed” feeling.

Out and about.

At the Garden Festival

I bought myself some flowers – no one buys me flowers except on a special occasion, and I have enjoyed them.  Just $10!!

One of my joys is writing for Weekend Notes – it gets me out and about.  But as well as enjoying the visiting new places, I am committed to writing more articles.  More pressure!!

I am one that starts the day with a BIG to do list – and currently I am not getting through my list each day, so add it to the next day and so on.  I am hoping that soon I will be able to have days when I complete them all!

I am working on my situation.  It is not easy though.

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