Panda in Queensland?

Have you seen a Panda in Queensland?

My business card mentions Bamboo – for when I was in China I learned a lot about it.  I am very keen to learn more as over the last few weeks there have been more products created with this amazing plant.  But would I see a Panda in Queensland?  I am proud of this photo for I have been showing it to friends telling them that I took it in this state.

I had my camera with me when I visited a Bamboo Nursery on Mount Tamborine Road, at Wongawallen.  It is a place I have visited before and enjoy exploring to see the wide range of bamboos that are growing there.

When I came across the Panda, I did not realise that it would look so realistic – it does look real, but it is not.

Panda in Queensland? 1

Panda in the Bamboo













Are there Panda’s in Australia?

Yes, but only two.  They are both in the Adelaide Zoo, and I have been there to see them.  The two have been there since 2009, and it has been hoped that they would mate and produce an offspring.  They will be there until 2024, but don’t seem to be enthusiastic about creating a baby.

There’s no news yet on any pending panda baby – but everyone hopes that very soon, the two get their acts together and do the deed.  We would love to see a baby panda in Australia, and certainly the South Australians have high hopes.

Bamboo in Australia

I remember when I became interested in bamboo, especially after my first visit to China in 2008.  It was there that the apartment building in which I lived on the university campus, was surrounded by bamboo and I discovered in local shops a range of products created with bamboo.  I bought my first bamboo towel there and it inspired me to be a great bamboo supporter.

In Australia in those days and before, bamboo had a bad reputation.  Many people had previously experienced negative issues – many people knowing how the running variety took over gardens and was so difficult to eradicate.  Somewhere, somehow, people learned that there were two main varieties of bamboo – the running and clumping plants, and how much easier the clumping varieties were to manage.

Now in 2021, we can see so much of it growing in gardens.  Especially in Queensland where I live.  And around Australia, there are great bamboo nurseries, some of which I visited on my trip around the country a few years ago.

Bamboo Products

There are so many new products being created with bamboo.  Fabrics are used for clothing at many stores, bamboo towels and sheets, and even Ikea has a range of products.  There is so much about – but generally the population does not understand the benefits to our world, as bamboo grows so quickly and is more versatile than timber.  Bamboo increases oxygen in our air.  Go to Google and ask “Does bamboo create oxygen?” and this may be your answer.

Bamboo is a crucial element in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. A grove of bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. … Bamboo is a wonderful replacement plant for trees with its short growth cycle and a high carbon dioxide exchange rate.

My business card says that I am a “Bamboo Fan”.

(The panda in the photo is NOT a real animal.)  I wonder how many bamboo nurseries around Australia are fortunate enough to have a real-life-looking panda visiting their properties?  I guess that there may be others.  Have you seen any?

What is your experience with bamboo?

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