Patterns in the Sand

Beachmere is a small township some 50 kms north of Brisbane, Queensland.  I have lived here since June 2013, and love it.  It is generally quiet – and living in a dead end street, traffic noise is very low. It is a semi rural area with a river to the south, many lakes and creeks, and many properties with cattle, horses and goats.  It is like living in the country.

It is on the northern end of Moreton Bay, with two islands visible from the beachfront.  It is not a good beach for swimming – though people do, especially at high tide, but at low tide the views are wonderful and it is at this time of the day that folk come out to walk on the sands, bring their dogs, and children fly their kites.


Beachmere – from just north of the Caboolture River.



Patterns in the sand.


Walking through the mangroves on the sandy path.



I don’t always take my Canon camera, but on this occasion I did – and was well rewarded with so many wonderful images to shoot.  I walked along the sand, sometimes paddling in the shallows, and sometimes in mud, and was very happy with the photos.

Beachmere is not a popular crowded place – but with several BBQ areas and parks, a lovely sandy beach, and wide open spaces at low tide, and fishing spots in lakes or at high tide, it is a lovely spot to live and play.

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