Photography – UBC Day 9

Photography – Taken by Me

My photography is very important to me in some of my writing, “Taken by me”. I always carry a camera, and I don’t mean “just a phone” to do my photography.  My favourite camera is an Olympus EM 10.   I am a serial blogger, and I travel frequently so I have thousands of photos from my solo trips.  Some from my trips around Australia, as in 2012/3 I drove most of the perimeter of the country in my car.  A couple of years later in my bus (Toyota Coaster), I drove to the Red Centre. And then there are my overseas jaunts.

Where do I live?

It is my preference to live near the sea, and for most of my life, I have done so.  Currently,  I live just a short walk from the seafront, and I drive past often and walk along occasionally and almost always with my camera to add to my collection of photography.

Moreton Bay is huge with some 360 islands, some are large and have large populations on them. Others are very small and some only visible at low tide. From the waterfront here, I can see Bribie Island and Moreton Island. The scenery changes as the tides come and go.

The Black Swans

For the past few weeks, I have been watching and taking photos, of,  a group of black swans that spend time near the beach at high tide.  I have lived here for over a year and it is only the past few weeks that they have been here.

Photo of swans taken by me.

Swans close to the beach.

Sometimes, at high tide, there as many as 8 or 9 swans floating around. I like to watch them sleeping as they float. Quite clever really. Did you know that swans can sleep on water or on land?  The above is not one of my better photos, but I love the story.

One of my Favourite Photography Examples

Photo taken by me in 2017

Karlu Karlu in the Northern Territory

I have many favourite photos – and this is one of them.  Almost right in the middle of this great land Australia, is a place called the Devil’s Marble.  It’s right on the Stuart Highway, which heads south from Darwin in the Northern Territory, down to Port Augusta, in South Australia, a distance of 2834 kms.

Karlu Karlu, is an amazing place to visit – and is great for photography.

Why not come and visit Australia and see the awesome scenery in the Red Centre?



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