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I love taking photos for blogs, especially when I am travelling.  I am not a great fan of using my phone, as I like to control that I have using my camera.  I’ve had a few cameras in my time.   When I first went to China I can’t recall what camera I have, but I know I bought a little Samsung camera in China.  I always carry it with me but it is not my favourite.

My Canon was next.   It was an SLR – heavy monster, which I loved using, but eventually, I got sick of carrying such a huge load.  I always travel with a laptop, so carry that and the Canon became too heavy and awkward, especially as I get older and nearly always travel on my own.

My Olympus

Taken my me with my Olympus Camera

Dubai, from the Dubai Creek in February 2018

I do usually like taking my own photos and have plenty but occasionally I need a pic of something that I do not have in my wide collection.   There are many sites to choose photos from, but I choose to use

Also, I have decided to add to their collection of photos.

Camera Clubs

I have moved around a bit – house sitting and renting where I can.  Once I was a member of a great camera club, and even submitted photos, some of which were highly regarded.  I found the camaraderie and friendship great.  And I learned so much.  It was great to be able to approach another member who used the same brand of camera to seek assistance too.

I like using, but not always can I find the right photos.  There is a collection of Australian photos, but I’ve identified some “gaps” in the collection.  I have taken some photos at a historical village, which I hoped to add to my contribution, but I’m having trouble downloading from the camera.  Maybe I will eventually get it done.

taken by me Di Hill.

Shorncliffe Pier, Queensland, Australia 2019

I have several blogs, so my photos are “out there”.

(UBC 24)

Are there any fellow “camera addicts” reading this?

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