Pioneer Women Drivers in Australia

Taken by me in 2015

Women’s Hall of Fame Alice Springs

Women Driving Pioneers

It is an accomplishment to drive around Australia, which I did on my own in 2012/13. Later I learned that some great women had done so much earlier.  I found in the Women’s Hall of Fame in Alice Springs that Catherine Gregson had done so in 1937.  I was to learn later that Marion Bell did so way back in 1925.

When I found this information, I contacted the Women’s Hall of Fame to advise them, and this story is now recorded in the Hall of Fame.  I was going to visit this amazing museum, which is in the old Alice Springs gaol when I drove to the Alice in my Toyota Coaster to attend the Rolling Solo event at the Ross River Resort. Just before I was due to leave Brisbane, the curator contacted me and told me that they had included Marion’s story.

When in Alice Springs in 2018, I called into the Hall of Fame and met with some of the staff.  Only today I have sent them another story – which they probably know about, but just in case they don’t…………..

Electric Car – there’s power all around Australia

Last year, another woman has driven around Australia and created another “record”.  Sylvia Wilson, a 70-year-old lady, drove an electric car (Tesla) all around the coast of our country.  I didn’t hear anything about it but accidentally found out about it today. She wasn’t all alone as family members joined her along the way.

I would have thought with all the publicity about the government’s wish for us to be driving electric cars in the futures, there would have been more media about it.  Maybe I missed it.

Most Aussies probably think it would be difficult to drive the long distances around Australia in an electric car, but I have learned that there are places all around the country where one can charge the car battery.  In fact, Sylvia only paid around $150 dollars for the electricity for her car for the whole journey.  Awesome.  I didn’t dare add up how much I spent in the nearly 5 months I was on the road.

Now, I wonder if someone would give me an electric car – would love to do the journey again.

Is there anyone who would like to donate me an electric car, as I would happily do the drive around Australia.  I would record the story and take photos!!!  Pick me!!

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