Planning My Journey to South Australia

South Australia – I’m on my way

I was born in South Australia and over the years have visited often. A long time ago it was my husband and I and the two children, when we would head down to Warwick late in the afternoon, and have our evening meal (always my homemade pastie-pie) before we put the children to bed in the back of the station wagon. No seatbelts were needed in those days!  And off we’d set. Often we drove for over 24 hours to reach our destination (Melbourne if it was to see my husband’s parents or Adelaide to see my family.) In recent years, I have been a solo traveller. I am now planning a journey to South Australia.

When do I go?

Early next month I set off, all being well. I go a different route to what we did years ago.  I head west first and then down through the northern part of New South Wales, and into South Australia from Broken Hill.

I have a fairly strict routine. I stay in a motel (all booked in advance) and try to drive for just six hours a day. I listen to the ABC News first thing in the morning, then podcasts (usually downloaded from the ABC – Conversations). I stop little as I usually have drinks, snacks, etc on board. I rarely for a takeaway meal. I stop every hour in one of the roadside parking spots to walk around, take a snack, or drink, before heading off again. I have my fold-up chair in the boot, so I can sit comfortably for a short while. The afternoon is often music, and if I feel a little tired ABBA keeps me awake as I sing along.

Booking Accommodation Ahead

Normally, I don’t need to book ahead – but this time, as Aussies are exploring our wonderful country, accommodation is not always easy to get. So I have already booked everything, although waiting for confirmation on one at the moment. I’ve spent quite a lot of time working out my route and then arranging a motel for the night.  I’ve booked using

So, I am nearly all set.

Cousins’ Reunion

Not so long ago, I found a cousin of Facebook – a cousin that I don’t recall ever meeting.  She was born when I was ten years old, and I left home when she was 8 years old. But it seems we went to the same primary school, and it was on the school’s FB that we connected.

Planning My Journey to South Australia 1

The Ragless sisters with their mother

My mother is one of the Ragless sisters, and the “newfound” cousin is the daughter of their only brother. All of them have passed now – I think my mother was the last to go at age almost 99!

Only today I booked the hotel for lunch and sent out the invites and information, and already the RSVP’s are coming in. I am quite excited about this. It looks like I may have to book more places for lunch!

Getting my Travel Entertainment

One of the most important things in the planning of my journey, is to arrange my entertainment. I am a great ABC fan, and when I set of each morning, I shall be listening to the ABC for an hour or so. I need to know the news; the weather reports etc., though I may have already checked that on my phone or computer.

I also have a folder of CD’s – and I must have my ABBA ones. During the afternoon, or when I am feeling a little tired, I play and sing to ABBA. Singing (and I’m not a good singer!) wakes me up.

For much of the day, I listen to Podcasts – again from the ABC. Conversations. I load them onto a USB stick and after the news in the mornings, on goes the Podcasts.  I will be well prepared with 20 or so loaded onto the USB. If I am running low, I will add some more recent ones – ready for the next day’s drive.

I am going to be well organised on this trip – more than I usually am.  It’s a trip of around 4000 kms, so I need to be well prepared!

Would you do a trip like this on your own?

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