To London to See the Queen

Dubai to London

The flight from Dubai to London to see the Queen (that is what I told myself)  left in the afternoon – around 2 pm.  It was a pleasant 8-hour flight, and on landing, I was soon in a taxi on my way to the hotel near Heathrow.  I didn’t expect to see the Queen in London.  I didn’t expect to see the Queen at all. I figured it was easier to do this rather than find my way to my cousin’s place, especially at night.

The next morning I ordered a taxi and set off for her place at Surbiton. I had been given instructions on getting there by public transport and now I know how I could have done it. However, I am a bit shy about finding my way in a strange city until I get my bearings.

My cousin is from Western Australia – but has lived in the UK for many years.  The last time I saw her, was in London in 2005.   This time I stayed in the guest room at the Seniors Accommodation where she lives.  It was convenient for me – I could do my own thing – with me on the 4th floor and her on the 1st floor.

No sight of the Queen in London.

The following day we went on a Hop On Hop Off Bus around London.  It was a lot colder than I had expected, but worse was to come.  We walked through the park to Buckingham Palace.  There’d been some sort of event there, so plenty of people.  Sadly we didn’t see Her Majesty, but at least I can say I have been outside the Palace.

To London to See the Queen 1

Parliament House on the Thames

To London to See the Queen 2

Buckingham Palace with the crowds

We also went for a short boat ride on the Thames – but it was so cold we were glad to get back to Surbiton.

The next day I caught the train from Surbiton to Waterloo Station on my own – found my way to the bus and continued the tour of London. I was pleased with myself that I could go on my own!!

To London to See the Queen 3

Love the old buildings……

To London to See the Queen 4

Tower of London

It was so cold. I thought I had brought warm clothes and I had layers on, but somehow the cold wind managed to creep in every nook and cranny and freeze me. I found it hard to take photos with gloves on, and when I took my gloves off my fingers froze.

I was happy to get back to the guest room. I had to buy a hot water bottle – which I filled with very hot water and stayed under the doona!!!



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