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It is almost ten years since I departed the marital home and become solo.  I’ve had some great expriences and some low ones.  I must say dealing with Real Estate Agencies has been part of the low experiences.

And I am going through it all again.  I’m looking for a small unit for myself in an area where I lived for over twenty years.  I want to go back because I have so many friends there and it is not far from one of my family members.

I have to negotiate for my new home with real estate agents – though I have no problem with them personally.  They don’t seem to be concerned about what I want.  Or where I want to live.


I nearly teared up during the week as I visited “my old stomping ground” and looked out over the marina that I once visited frequently.  I felt like shouting to the boats – “I’m back!” but didn’t.  For I am not back.  Yet.  I drove around the area that was so familiar to me several years ago and that I missed.  I’ve nearly always lived by the sea and though I currently live closer to the great waters of Moreton Bay, I do want to return to the “old” place.

Properties for Seniors

The fact is that unless you have a lot of money and can afford to buy your seniors accommodation, you are relegated to some rather sad accommodation.  Over 50’s Living housing for singles is sad.  Most of the properties have small apartments, tiny boxes with a small bedroom (some furnished with just a single bed), a kitchenette with no stove and only space for a small refrigerator.  All meals are provided in the dining room.  It so reminds me of the place I dined for nearly 4 years during my nursing days.

I doubt I’d fit my computer desk and printers inside one of these properties.  Being tall, I don’t manage single beds either.  My feet hang out the end, and I have a habit of falling out of them!

Photo by Andrew Ebrahim -

Shower Head

The Basic Property with the Dogs

One newly built unit – under a house, which also looks like it has been recentlybuilt or renovated was an apartment/unit.  Rather large and in many ways ideal for me.  BUT. Access to the unit is via the garage, which is shared with the upstairs tenant.  She has two dogs.  They have access to the back yard, and the garage too.  Already I feel it is not for me.  The “patio” is a covered outdoor area with wobbly cement tiles, where the dogs can freely road.  I wonder if they will be kind to my potplants?

There’s no stove.  Apparently common in units these days.  Doesn’t everyone get meals delivered?  Or go out for meals?  Not me.   There were no flyscreens or security on the windows and doors either.


I am also aware to be careful with photos on the various real estate websites.  It seems that some real estate agents present a modern cleanlooking property on websites etc, but they are edited.  This article will explain.

Housing for Seniors

Despite a lot of seniors seeking affordable, safe housing, it is difficult.  Many units are upstairs.  Having the shower over the bath is not always safe for seniors.  Security can be an issue too.  There appears to be no support service for seniors seeking housing.  My hunt goes on.

What do you think are the key things in a house/unit for a senior person in Australia?


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